April 2012

Mel's Meditation - April 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Several years ago I was working in my office and Duke was working in the church building too. I received a phone call stating that one of our parishioners was had just been admitted to the hospital. I told Duke I was taking off to visit and left the building. When I got back a couple of hours later, Duke had a message waiting for me, telling me another parishioner was in another hospital. So I took off again. When I returned later in the day, Duke had a second message for me about a third parishioner in a third hospital, so I left for the third time.

At our next Steering meeting Duke announced that I needed a cell phone. This all took place eight or nine years ago, and that is how I got my first cell phone. I didn’t have one up to that point because I didn’t want one. The odd thing is, that now, it is hard to imagine not having one and when I leave the house, I feel funny if I don’t have it with me. It has just become something I have with me, like my keys or my wallet. It actually makes life easier on a professional level and on a personal level. The reason it helps is that better communication in any relationship makes the relationship better.

That is also true concerning our relationship with God. Because of what Jesus accomplished on Good Friday and Easter, we can have a good relationship with God and we need communication with God for the relationship to stay good and to grow stronger. How’s your communication with God?

There are at least seven means of having good communication with God. The first one I already mentioned in that Jesus died for us and intercedes for us. This was all established thru His death, resurrection and becoming our High Priest. Secondly, we are all to study our Bibles. It is God’s word to us and it gives us direction. The third is the Holy Spirit. He will guide us to all truth and help us understand the Bible. The fourth is meditation. If we will meditate on the word of God we will be successful. The fifth is prayer. If we seek God and His will we will find it. The sixth is other believers. We need fellow- ship with other Christians and their insights into God’s truths. The seventh is submission. We need a willingness to do God’s will and be obedient to continue in His will.

I like my cell phone. I use it as a phone, I receive text messages on it, I access the internet with it, I have contacts stored in it, I can send e-mails with it, take pictures with it and I can even play games on it. It took a while to get comfortable with it and I still don’t know how to use everything that is on it, but I’m learning. We need to be that way with our communication with God too. There are a lot of elements involved in communicating with God and we need to learn to use them. Some of them might be easy and some of them might take a lot of work to get comfortable with, but we should work at all of them. Our communication with God is essential to our relationship with Him.

God Bless, Pastor Mel Zumbrun 

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